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Internet Scare Stories. Fact Vs Fiction the Realize Beauty way.

February 23, 2009

Here at Realize Beauty we are committed to bringing you fact based information rather than just jumping on the latest band wagon of chemicals that are bad.  Our articles are written by people with science backgrounds (chemists, cosmetic formulating chemists, dermatologists, doctors and academics) and where possible site studies, trials and published literature that supports our blog entry.

Our philosophy is this, you, the consumer want to know if your cosmetic or personal care product will do what it says. You also want to know if if will damage the environment or you or your families skin.  You may also be interested in finding out what to look out for when you next go to the store. We are building up a resource for interested consumers who want to be empowered next time they make a purchase.

Realize Beauty is also interested in YOU. We write in response to your questions, concerns, interests and ideas. We want to know what is on your mind and what you would like more information on. We are interested in your opinion, your preferences and your future wish list! We are also ready to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

Over the coming weeks Realize Beauty will be looking into the top 10 internet villans when it comes to cosmetic ingredients to bring you the truth. We will look at what is behind the scare stories, why these ingredients are put into cosmetics, what studies have been carried out and what precautions you can take if you are still concerned.

Realize Beauty is made by real scientists for really interested consumers.

To find out what has made the top 10 and to make sure that you don’t miss a thing sign up for our twice monthly newsletter.  We want to help you to Realize your Beauty potential Join Now.

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