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The Worlds Greatest Shave

March 11, 2009

12th and 13th of March mark the Leukemia foundations event: The Worlds Greatest Shave. I am sitting here right now with slightly orange / red hair all in the name of a good cause. My daughters took the challenge one step further going shades of blueberry and raspberry blush! We are now in the throws of collecting as much money as possible for this worthy cause under our team name: The Crystal Rainbow Sisters  (daughters idea!). If you would like to donate, this secure link will take you to our team  page.

Why not dye or shave your hair for a good cause? We used Brilliance by Schwarzkopf which has so far been very good. These dyes wash out after about 8 washes. They take to the hair well and give it a healthy looking shine. However, you do need to choose one that is recommended for your natural hair colour as wash in colorants do have their limitations. These are cheap and pretty safe, even for the kids!  As always, do a patch test before you go the whole head!

To finish off our look we used Cinta Hair Colour Spray which is available in Australia from most chemists. All good fun!

1) Us Before The Colour


2) Meg waiting for the dye to take


3) Emily in the chair


4) Beautiful


5) Mum likes her new look! mummy-likes-the-new-look

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