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Animal Testing Ban Loophole

March 12, 2009

The European ban on testing chemical ingredients for cosmetic use has only been in force since yesterday but the Dr Hadwen Trust is already voicing concerns about how manufacturers could get around this through a loophole. The loophole that he is talking about has been in there for many years, in fact since people like the body shop stated that they wouldn’t use ingredients that were tested on animals after “XXXX” date new ingredients have been brought into the cosmetic market through the back door so to speak.

The loophole is this. Companies can’t test ingredients for cosmetic purposes but they are free to test the ingredients for use in other markets, pharmaceuticals, household cleaning and industrial use could be potential avenues. As mentioned before, this loophole has always been there. Read the article  from the Dr Hadwen Institute here.

While the Dr Hadwen Trust’s concerns are valid and legitimate it is also worth mentioning that the cosmetics industry doesn’t want to use animals to test their ingredients in any shape or form and will not be rushing to put their ingredients through the system in a covert way any time soon. There are very strict measures in place to ensure that any company trying to do this is tackled head on. The industries reputation is at stake.

That said there are plenty of cosmetic ingredients that legitimately come through other market channels first. The medical route is most logical – dermal fillers, botox, peptides and retinol were all used medically before the cosmetics industry started to make take home versions. The food industry is another with dietary suppliments, food emulsifiers and thickeners commonly being seen in cosmetics.

Consumers of all products should not be under any illusion that animal testing will finish any time soon. However, they should take some comfort in the fact  that the cosmetics industry along with the food and pharmaceutical industries have invested billions into animal alternatives and work actively to reduce the need for animal tests. Why?  Because everyone wants safe consumer products but nobody want’s them to cause animals to suffer.

The new legislation is a step in the right direction.

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