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Prince Charles Gets His Knuckles Rapped Over Detox Tea

March 17, 2009

Poor old Prince Charles is in trouble after his Long Life detox tea was labeled as “outright  quackery” in recent newspaper reviews.  Here at Realize Beauty we feel that that is a little unfair and here’s why.

The tea in question claims to cleanse and purify the blood while improving liver and adrenal function.

We are not doctors but we guess that if you were to substitute the usual English daily intake of: 4 x milky black tea with 2 sugars per cup plus 2 x instant coffee again with 2 sugars plus a kitkat for elevensies and a scone and jam for afternoon tea with the detox tea you would start to hear your liver sigh with relief.

Adrenal function – go ask your doctor about that one. Maybe drinking the tea makes you feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that it is better than the usual sugar hit.

The tea goes back 400 years and was developed at the request of the  Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

It is true that everything was cured by herbs in days gone by and yes, many modern medicines take their actives from botanicals.  Even today herbal medicine is very popular and herbals teas are often prescribed for a variety of disorders and complaints.

So is it quackers to try this product?

Not at all!   Herbal tea is usually drank with just water added, this is much more refreshing and hydrating than a sugary or milky beverage. In addition herbal teas usually contain little or no caffeine which again is good for those wanting to slow their system down, detox a little and generally look after their bodies.   The herbs are all organic and therefore possibly come from small boutique farms so in buying the tea you are possibly supporting small farmers rather than multinational corporations. That may be a plus for some. And finally you may just like the taste. The tea contains (among other things) licorice root, spearmint leaf, cinnamon, dandelion root, burdock root and echinacea. Sounds yummy to me.

Summing Up.

Not quackary but probably won’t cure you completely. Try it for the taste and as a healthier alternative to tea and coffee and see any other benefits as a bonus.

You can buy the royal tea by following this link. Cheers!


Realize Beauty has its own Beauty Buzz Tea which contains a mix of Black tea, honey and other yummy ingredients. We will be sending it out to all of our members this week. To get your free sample Join Realize Beauty Now!

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