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1 million english pounds – the bounty awaiting the first “Chemical Free” product

March 23, 2009

Oh how I relate to this!

As a chemist with a sales and marketing background I cry on the inside every time someone says to me “I want a skin cream / lip balm / conditioner that does x, y and z but doesn’t contain any chemicals!

It seems that I am not the only person taking issue with the liberal use of “Chemical Free” claims and marketing. In my sales and marketing role, I know what they mean and I can see what they are trying to portray BUT at what cost? Making all chemicals bad just to push a “natural” agenda is breeding fear, insecurity and a general mistrust of anything with a remotely chemically sounding name. Furthermore the link to “natural” always being good may end up leading to people ditching their safe and tested cosmetics in favor of natural remedies that  may not suit their skin.

The Royal Society of Chemistry in England is so exasperated with this terminology that they have put up a prize of one million pounds for anyone who can show then a non chemical thing.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when they take their first caller……

Anyway, I got wind of this through the excellent Cosmos magazine which is a great place for the “science of everything” fan. However if you are the type that wants it straight from the horses mouth, here is the link to the Royal Society!

As with anything balance and a bit of common sense should be the order of the day. By all means limit your chemical exposure by thinking through the products that you use and of course go “natural” if you feel it helps but don’t do it just because your scared. Do it because you are an empowered and educated consumer. Power to the people and viva le chemical!

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