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The Tweezer Queen – By Angelique

April 8, 2009

The World Wide Web has a wonderful way of spinning and reeling its way through our lives, trawling through our thoughts, preferences and ideas. For me, the most pleasant consequence of this weaving is the way it brings like-minded people together. Angelique Snelleksz is one of the people that I have been lucky enough to meet through my online networking and someone that I would like you to meet too!

Angelique is a modern day Cosmetics Guru  able to  turning her hand to anything from developing formulations, designing packaging and creating her own range of products that include the Tweezeme, a make up compact and a light up lip gloss.  She has a resume to die for having worked to develop products for Model Co, Bloom, Poppy King and Myer Private Label and she is still able to find time to grow her own brand. I asked her about her start up journey to see if I could learn any tips……

By Angelique

In 2003, I launched Cosmetic Candy with the aim to develop cosmetic products for Australian companies as some companies do not have the resources to do this internally. Even if they do, there are ideas I come up with that they don’t know how to source. With my 10 years of industry knowledge from working with an Australian manufacturer I was able to offer a service to develop a cosmetic or bath and body product from start to finish.
In 2006, I then wanted to expand my business by creating my own beauty products under my branding. This was an adventure (challenge being the better word) within itself. Over a period of 18 months, I thought to myself that I needed to find or invent a product that make life easier, that is innovative and has never been done before. With this in mind, my thoughts led me to my light bulb moment. I was sitting in a beauty salon getting my brows waxed. The beauty therapist had the tweezer and brought down the lamp to see better! Viola! How about putting it all in one. Another 8 months went by designing and tooling this product. Tweezeme, a tweezer with an in-built led light and mirror was born in Australia in 2006 I had knowledge in manufacturing. I think if you have an idea, it is a must to head off to an international expo to source reputable manufacturers or to visit local manufacturers to get opinions and advice. The most important piece to developing your own product would be to employ the right manufacturer. Do your research, get lots of opinions and quotes. Have a budget.


The next thing to think about would be what does the consumer want and how am I going to market this product. With my story, Tweezeme would make tweezing easier by pinpointing the light directly onto the hair. It would also help those with poor eye sight. As this product was unique, I thought in my mind that “Every woman would need Tweezeme”. I had never taken a product to market before so I was in fact running blind. I had no idea how to pitch to the beauty editors so I created a great presentation very carefully thought through and sent a sample of Tweezeme to every Australian beauty editor. The parcel was wrapped in gorgeous pink wrapping paper which had an ornate design. Within 3 months, I had confirmation from at least 12 magazines they would feature Tweezeme. It was phenomenal. From the editorial came calls from Foxtel TVSN, Shaver Shop and other retailers. I then met a cosmetic product distributor on the TVSN set and it all took off from there.
I have some very important advice and that is to watch your expenses. Do your cash flow every month and meet regularly with your accountant.
You will face setbacks. I have. You must no matter what keep very positive and always believe. Try everything and constantly think of different angles to pitch your product and be creative with your press releases.
Take a break. It is very important to eat helathy, sleep healthy and exercise. There is nothing like the feeling of well being and happiness after you have done a 30 minute run. Yoga and Pilates are also great to calm and re-focus yourself.
If you have an idea, think it through, plan it and do it. Don’t wait for someone else to then think of it and do it before you.


Angelique has a new range of products to launch in June so keep watching. In the meantime, if you would like to get your hands on your own Tweezeme check out her website or come along to the Science Festival Canberra or Greenfest Brisbane for your chance to win one of these excellent beauty gadgets.

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  2. Samantha permalink
    April 7, 2012 1:23 am

    Well done Ange, you deserve to have alll the dreams you always wanted.
    Congratulations, goodluck for the future.


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