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Sharon Mitchell – Wellbeing Therapist and Realize Beauty Team Member

April 24, 2009


1999-2000 – Diploma of Aromatherapy and Massage

2003-2004 – Advance Diploma and Diploma of Natural Beauty Therapy

2008 – Certificate in Reiki I & II, Angel Connections Intuitive Course

2009 – Psychic Development Course


I have been working in the Holistic Healing Industry for 9 years within Health Retreats, Day Spas, Wellness Clinics and my own Wellbeing Business.

I created my business ‘Wellbeing Indulgence’ about 5 years ago when I found that people were searching for a way to feel good in themselves from which ever state they were in at that time & without the need of doctors or along side Doctors. With my holistic, compassionate, nurturing nature and my many past experiences good and not so good, this enables me to understand where one comes from and where they want to be. Then we go about a plan in which to achieving their goal. This plan may also enlist the help of naturopaths, dietitians or an exercise regime.

The various massage modalities, body & facial treatments and even Make-Up applications all help with bringing back your Wellbeing. It helps physically, mentally and internally, externally. It helps to boost confidence as well as releasing tension, stress and this in turn can help reduce dis-ease in ones body and anything else that’s going on. My philosophy is ‘Indulge in your Well Being’ even if it is for an hour a week or a month. If kept up, your body will reward you in staying in a state of Wellbeing and far from a state of dis-ease. I know which one I prefer!! And when one is in their Wellbeing state they are in an Optimum Prime, NOW how good is that!! What a Joy!! What a feeling!!

Coming from a beautiful family, 1 of 4 children, we lost our wonderful parents when we were in our twenties, just when we were getting to the amazing times in our lives. I was working in the corporate world as one does to gain as much experience of what the working world has to offer although always having a major fascination with Aromatherapy and its amazing benefits. In 1999 my career path was changing for the better and a decade later I have had the most amazing journey with so many unbelievable experiences, loads extremely good and some really not so good and all of these experiences have brought me from strength to strength and bring me to who I am today. A young woman who is 39, well balanced, sole parent of a beautiful 9 year old boy, still with my own challenges and yet so enjoying life and a very Well Being!

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  1. April 2, 2010 12:26 am

    Your profile is inspiring, keep up the good work. Mark

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