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The Australian Science Festival and Realize Beauty!

June 1, 2009

Well, we did it! Realize Beauty took its laboratory down to Canberra for an interactive lecture and three workshops during the Australian Science Festival – a first for the Realize Beauty team and an experience that we will never forget. Thank you to all of those that came along to participate in our hands on extravaganza and a big welcome to the Realize Beauty Club to those people signing up for more information.


We had some great questions asked during the workshops and lectures, all of which will be answered over the coming days on the blog. Some of the answers are already up and others are heading your way:

What is Lanolin and is it really a wonder moisturiser?

Can I wash my hair with bar soap?

Can you make your own Vitamin C cream by crushing up tablets?

Is mens skin any different to womens?

Why is SLS in toothpaste and which brands don’t contain it?

What is the best sunscreen on the market?

I really want to know how to make creams, do you have any recipes?

Where can I buy cosmetic  ingredients?

Where do the Australian Clays come from and how are they formed?

What is the best oil to use for Massage?

How can you tell that you have a really good essential oil?

What is the shelf life of a vegetable oil?

Can you recommend some good cosmetic recipe books?

I want to make my own shampoo – how can I do it?

What makes Himalayan Rock Salt Pink and can you use it in the toothpaste?

What is the best base oil to use for massaging?

Where can I buy the Realize Beauty Tea?



austraroma voucher

Also, lots of you wanted more information about the Austraroma Oils and products.  Realize Beauty Club members get a 5% discount from the Austraroma website so don’t delay – get your Magic Hands today! Austraroma are also looking for party plan hosts so call them and book your party or hook yourself up with a part time job.



As with all cosmetic recipes be sure to do a patch test first. Your lip area is the most sensitive, if you put a small amount of a new formulation just under your lip and leave it for about fifteen minutes you should be able to see if a reaction will occur. If nothing happens the product is suitable for your skin. If you get a reaction, do not use the formulation.

Follow these links to our recipes.


Relaxing Bath Bag

Clay Mask



science festival

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