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Our First Photo Shoot.

July 4, 2009

Here at Realize Beauty HQ things are really hotting up. We are busy putting together our corporate indulgence event menu which looks set to take the office party to a whole new level! In addition to that we are busy trying out new recipes for our cosmetic kitchen workshops and getting to know our ever growing family of experts.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the new magazine that we are feature writers for – The Science Of Beauty, launching in November (see us at the Beauty Expo).  With so much going on and so many people wanting to know what we are all about we thought that it was time to bring on the photographer!

Our image consultant, Cosimina pulled the photo shoot together brilliantly.  With location sorted, photographer at the ready blow dry booked and make-up by our very own Sharon Mitchell all we had to do was sort out our outfits!   As you can see from the photographs below we had a great day. David our photographer for the day made us feel relaxed and managed to catch us at our best  – at least some of the time. Cosimina made sure that  we looked the part and kept our energy flowing with some home cooking and plenty of tea!  Check out the photo’s below and let us know what you think!

Introducing Martha Stuart (AKA Amanda Foxon-Hill)


….and the Avon Lady (Aka Sharon Mitchell).


OK hold it.  I think that we have the shot. Talk to me, talk to me…….. Simply marvelous daarrling.


Time for some casual shots.

Sharon “I can’t believe you just said that”. Amanda “What do you mean I stand like a man?”


80 frames later and we are getting somewhere……


make Love to the camera!_B4C0162_B4C0190

Time for some work – where is that laptop, I need to Twitter!


Check this out!


And this is what was going on behind the scenes………

montage of behind the scenes

We had a great but very tiring day of modelling – and we both prommise to stop yelling “why don’t you get it” at the contestants on “NEXT TOP MODEL”   it really is hard. Anyway once again we would like to thank Cosimina for her time, food and for providing the beautiful location and Hair Design By Martin for our blow dry. We would like to thank David “talk to me, talk to me” Basioli for his excellent photography and we would like to thank our parents for our wonderful genes!

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  1. July 4, 2009 12:38 pm

    Make love to camera and Check this out are my favorite shots! very nice!


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