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Opening the door to a beautiful new career.

July 9, 2009

Ok, so how many of you would secretly like to launch your own range of bath products or lotions?   What about the thought of working with an international sales, marketing and technical team to draw up a new cosmetic brief?  Alternatively, maybe you would like to become an expert panelist for a big brand – casting your critical eye over the latest anti-ageing product. Well, the first step is to get qualified and that is something that we can help you with!


Realize Beauty have linked up with the Institute of Personal Care Science to promote and teach their range of accredited training courses.  The Institute has something for everyone from its all-encompassing Diploma course covering everything from basic chemistry to legislation, marketing and the distribution of cosmetic products to discrete modules focusing on specific areas of interest.

The courses are designed for independent learning with the option of coming to one of our teaching centers once a month for that personal touch!

The Realize Beauty team will be facilitating the face-to-face training for the Eastern states of Australia but will be happy to steer potential students from outside this location to the correct contact person. In addition, you can check out the website and contact the Institute directly.

The Personal Care Institute was set up by Belinda Pilmore (See below) to meet the needs of the Australasian cosmetic’s market.  Belinda, who has been teaching people to develop their own products for the last five years, is delighted to now be able to offer a range of accredited courses. The institute is a Registered Training Authority issuing qualifications that are recognized Australia wide and in some case internationally.

The courses are ideal for hairdressers or beauty therapists who want to expand their knowledge about the products that they use, for those looking to break into the cosmetic industry, for the industries new-starters or for hobby formulators or brand owners.  Say hello to your beautiful new career today!

If you would like a prospectus or have any questions about these courses, please feel free to contact either myself: Amanda Foxon-Hill or Belinda

Belinda Pilmore

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