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Making Bath Bombs!

July 27, 2009

bath bomb recipe with chalk board

This is a great little recipe to try making with the kids as these make interesting and cost effective little gifts for the whole family! We can’t stress enough how you have to keep this away from water – it goes OFF due to a reaction that occurs between the bicarb and the Citric. You get GAS = Carbon Dioxide. This carbon dioxide will make the bath bomb fizz in your bath which is cool, not so cool if it explodes all over your kitchen!

As we mention in the recipe you can colour, fragrance and add glitter to these cute little treats but we suggest starting off very simply! As well as keeping the mixture dry, the other trick of the trade is to compress them as much as you can in the mold of your choice before trying to scoop them out and air dry  them. Think back to making sand castles – lots of hitting the top with a spade = good castle. Same here, but use the side of a knife blade or use a cake slice.

Have fun and remember to watch kids with this one as citric acid can sting the skin and eyes as it is acidic!

And here is some that we made earlier (yes I was brought up on Blue Peter for any English readers out there!)


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  1. July 28, 2009 8:22 am

    This is exactly what I was looking for this week – perfect timing Realize Beauty, thanks!


  1. beauty bath » Blog Archive » Making Bath Bombs! « Realize Beauty

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