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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

August 14, 2009

You know the old saying “A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words?” Well, now we want to prove it!  We have come up with a few pictures of our own to portray the “Realize Beauty” message and would like to invite you to help complete the picture.  Why not send in your digital high resolution snaps that capture one aspect of beauty.   We have selected three themes from which to start building up a wall of motivation, a place where people can come along and get inspired to Realize Beauty every day.

The three themes that we are wanting to explore are as follows:

“Celebrate……….”,  “Remember When………”  and “Cherish……..”

Please e-mail your high resolution, digital pictures to .  The best will be displayed on our website and/or in our newsletter for all to enjoy so please be sure to get permission from your subject before submitting your photos. In addition make sure that photographs are suitable to be shared with a wide audience! Finally, we do love animals but these photos are all about YOU  so please stick to a human as the main subject!

when no bad hair days just had to

The best photos received by 2nd September will feature in our stand at the Natural Health Exhibition in Randwick and also in our next e-newsletter on 28th August. Good Luck

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