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How your looks affect your job prospects.

August 26, 2009

I was flicking through Executive PA magazine the other day and came across this: LOOKISM ON THE RISE article which not only caught my eye but got me thinking. Now, we are only human and as humans we love anything bright and shiny, wholesome and healthy (er, maybe not…) BUT we are on the whole very visually driven. Therefore to hear that your looks can impact on your job chances came as no surprise.

The study being discussed was carried out by the University of Sydney and apparently focused on the jewelry and fashion business sector where “looking  the part”  is legitimately important. However, I wonder just how far far good looks and no talent would take you….

The study showed that nearly all employers chose employees based on their personality while 84% chose staff based on appearance. Compare that to the 44% that considered the potential employees qualifications and you can see why customer service is often woeful!

While looks (in as much as being neat and tidy, clean and groomed) are important in my book, I would rather be served by someone who knows their product, can address my concerns and process my payment efficiently than one that prefers to be adored.

Getting the balance right is important and a polished corporate image can do wonders for your business. Our advice is to employ people based on their qualifications and interpersonal skills  and hire Image Consultant Cosimina to iron out any image issues.


Your customers come in all shapes and sizes and so should your staff!

Feel Great Being You.

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