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Bamboo Lash Diary – One Week On!

August 27, 2009

So you have seen the first photo, talk about calling for Make-up. Anyway on with the experiment of growing my eye lashes, well one set really! (My left eye) Just between you and me I would have liked to use it on both eyes, I mean what happens weeks down the track and voila, seriously long eye lashes on one eye only. Hmm…. don‘t laugh! I hope I don’t have any important outings to attend.

sharons eye week 1

Week one has come and gone. First up, I have had no irritations although it did take me a while to get use to only coating one set of lashes morning and night. (but for anyone using it normally this should not be a problem, go ahead coat both eye lashes) That under way studying my lashes closely over this week I really noticed how my lashes grow straighter more than curling up so for the purpose of the experiment I will curl them from now on and I will aim to get a photo of both eyes. Now try doing that on your own. Make-Up!! Many shots later you can see some non professional photos.

Some things I have noticed this week with using Bamboo Lashes is that it is quite easy to use with your daily skincare regime. After cleansing and or exfoliating I applied the product to the base of my eye with the eyeliner looking brush end then used the other end (mascara brush end) to apply the product just as you would applying any mascara to both top and bottom lashes. Finish off with your usual moisturising routine. (of course avoiding the lashes) And you are done! Mornings though I did wait a while before applying make-up my normal way and yes including mascara. Over the period of time I have noticed that my coated lashes do appear to be thicker and possibly conditioned. I’m not sure if longer yet, I guess early days. Here comes week two. Will keep you informed. “I want longer lashes!”

Sharon Mitchell.

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