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The Ultimo Science Festival – Cosmetic Kitchen and Why the Mind Matters

August 28, 2009

Our legendary Cosmetic Kitchen was cranked up into action again last night at the Ultimo Science Festival.  We had a ball and judging by the mess on our tablecloths  our participants did too! Unfortunately we did our usual trick of being so busy running the event that we didn’t take any other photo’s –  I think that a photographer is on order for the next one, SOS David from Flashworks!

messy table after ultimo science festival

We had around 25 people attend, each of which went home with a relaxing muscle rub, a bath bag and a face pack.   In these workshops we focus on creating luxurious products using ingredients that are readily available. Although some of the bits do have to be purchased from health food stores or wholesale outlets like New Directions, nothing is too tricky and small packs can be purchased.

We can run this workshop for birthday parties (Parties for children are run in conjunction with Fizzics Education),  general celebrations or for community groups – e-mail us for more information or see our Events page.

After quickly packing away our kit it was off to the “Apprentice” restaurant for dinner and a speaking engagement! I gave my talk on “Why the mind matters” and explained why we Realize Beauty classifies everyone into types of cake.  Sharon and I  had a ball and judging by the audience participation, they did too!  See you again next year….

me giving a talk at the Ultimo science festival

Why the mind matters at the Ultimo Science Festival

Amanda talks about Why the Mind Matters

Amanda talks about Why the Mind Matters

Close up of Amanda giving a lecture

Close up of Amanda giving a lecture



ultimo science festival

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