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Bamboo Lash Week Two Update

September 2, 2009

What a blur last week was, I mean where did it go? It flew by extremely fast and I felt my lashes were taking the slow path. I will admit with so much happening last week, working for a friend in a clothing store by day and Realize Beauty by night I occasionally forgot to bamboo lash twice a day. The instructions do say either once or twice a day so I guess I will cut myself some slack and feel that at least once a day is all good.

Anyway by the end of the week all was back on track and Bamboo Lashing twice a day and I must say I haven’t noticed much change to the length yet. What I have noticed though is the gaps seem to be filling up. Woo Hoo!! Everyone has spaces (gaps) within their eyelash area due to natural fall out of an individual lash, and regrowth time, so to me this is good news. Let’s hope this continues and they may become lush and long lashes. I like the sound of that!!

I wasn’t sure what to expect during week two so I feel that it was a slow week for the growth of my lashes although when you think logically about it, with a lot of things that take time to develop. The first week there are initial changes (starting of process) then there is the settling in phase and then there is the go for it phase (growth). I feel I’m in the settling in phase. Also really, since when do eye lashes grow at an extremely fast pace. Without focusing on them, no one really notices when a lash starts and grows to full length. I mean who has the time to watch grass grow? The flyer does state “Results in 4 – 6 weeks” and their claim is “Longer, Fuller, Sexier lashes” Looking forward to that!! Hmmm…… and I’m experimenting on one set of lashes only. So let’s just see what happens as we head towards the 4 weeks.

sharons eye week 2

Till next week. Look after those lashes.

Sharon Mitchell – Wellbeing Therapist

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