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Bamboo Lashes Weeks 4-6

October 1, 2009

Over the past three weeks I feel I have becoming a some what an expert in observation when it comes to my eyes and their lashes. I am amazed how my eyes change through out the day. Upon waking and seeing myself in the mirror (always thinking positive) “Yep you are looking good” and then I start to wake up and really look at my eyes, then *sigh* I notice the travel bags hanging around under my eyes, surely they are ready to leave my face by now. Hoping in the shower & cleansing my face and the rest of me, my brain is slowly starting to plan the day’s events. All of a sudden I’m finished my shower and do not even realise what I had just done. Wow, what happened there? I really need to focus and observe what I am doing.

eye shot week 6

It has amazed me over the past six weeks how I go about my daily routine and really do not notice a lot of the small stuff. How many times have I had a cup of coffee or tea and then realize as I take a sip that there is no more drink left in the cup. Hmmmm, where did that drink go? Or one day I realized that a particular lamp doesn’t light up anymore, I ask ‘how long has it been like that? The scary answer could be for a few weeks. Why didn’t I notice that? I wonder.

Life just gets so busy that we seem to miss a few of the small things and you know what? That’s ok for a while; it is just the way your life is at the moment. Every now and then just remember to stop breath and notice your cup of coffee, smell it and really sit back and enjoy it. This can bring you back to the moment in time. I have no idea where the time has gone over the past three weeks since my last diary update. Life has gone from busy to extremely chaotic. So, smelling and drinking the coffee is defiantly what I have been focusing on this week as well as my lashes. Making sure I keep noticing how my eye lashes are going. Growing longer, they certainly are. Fuller, there certainly seem to be filling out. I seem to have less gaps and more individual lashes. I’m not sure if the lashes are getting thicker, but I am happy with them filling out. I can say that I am liking my new left eye and its fuller longer lashes.

Well the Bamboo Lash challenge has been conducted over the past six weeks. I have learnt an amazing amount of patience is required with success, the love of my eye lashes and how they really do have an effect on your appearance and your overall wellbeing.

With discussions over the period of time with various people not many people really think much about their lashes but when the subject is brought up they have a lot to say about how eye lashes do have an affect on ones wellbeing and their perception of themselves. I in turn seem to be noticing everyone’s eyes and their lashes and how they affect the person and with amazing realisations that they do play a really big part, bigger than I had realised in the past. They really do complete a face, male or female.

It has been quite an interesting journey / challenge for me. Which ever way you choose to go with your lashes I must say that I really do enjoy the fuller look when I apply my mascara. My eye lashes didn’t grow extremely long to worry about an odd look (thank goodness in regards to one eye experiment goes) although I do like the overall look at the end of the six week challenge. I feel with regular use of Bamboo Lashes my lashes and every new lash that grows will become stronger and healthier with help from some of the specially chosen ingredients within this product.

Now I will commence treatment on my other poor misfortune eye and its lashes to even up my new look. It has been a long growing time for my eye lashes and I have enjoyed every interesting moment with every intention on allowing them to grow some more for my lashes to fulfil their mission of becoming Longer, Fuller, Sexier Lashes. Anytime you are after some more information on my journey you can visit my previous updates or more information on Bamboo Lashes please visit their website: Remember; your eyebrows can look just as Dramatic as yours lashes with their other product Bamboo Brows. Check it out!!

Go forth and enjoy your eye lashes.

Till next time,

Take care, enjoy and flutter those eyelashes.

Written by Sharon Mitchell

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