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Grow Your Own Teeth Whitener

October 4, 2009

megs produce strawberries

Strawberries are great aren’t they? My kids have laid claim to these polystyrene containers and have been frantically planting all manor of things in time for our summer. The strawberries are just starting to ripen which is fantastic,  but what has that got to do with whiter teeth?

Well, like many fruits strawberries are full of Malic Acid and it is this that can whiten your teeth!   The idea is to mash up one or two strawberries with an equal amount of bicarbonate of soda. This mixture should then be smeared over your teeth and left for about five minutes to get to work. It will taste pretty soapy and bad and after the five minutes you need to swill your mouth out and then brush your teeth as Malic Acid will eat into your enamel if left for too long.

Strawberries are not the only source of Malic Acid, apples and grapes are also sources and can be used in place of strawberries if you have an allergy or can’t easily obtain these delicious red berries.  The results that you can obtain from a strawberry bleaching session will not be quite as dramatic as those obtained at a dentist surgery (they use peroxide solution which while synthetically produced is also a naturally occurring chemical) but it is cheap and pretty convenient if not a little yucky! Just don’t get too carried away as this is one home remedy where moderation is the key!

More interesting Strawberry Facts

Strawberries are a brilliant source of Vitamin C.  One cup contains all of your recommended daily allowance!

Strawberries also contain high levels of antioxidant chemicals that help keep the body in optimum health by delivering anti-inflammatory actives.

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