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Healthy Soy Cooking Workshop.

October 23, 2009

What a great day and a fab party idea for all of you healthy food connoisseur’s out there. This morning some Realize Beauty readers including our competition winner Sophie and her partner Jack  joined us for a  Japanese cooking fest at the Healthy Soy Cooking workshop HQ in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. We  received our little recipe books and got straight into cooking up a storm “Soy” style.

Here’s the menu with my notes!

Brown Sushi Roll. Brown rice is better for you (more fibre) but don’t use too much or the contents of your role will squish out of the end!

Agedashi Dofu. How delicious was this? This Tofu island tastes just amazing when partnered with the daikon, shallot and ginger sauce. Wow, clean plates all round!

Tofu, Wakame and Mizuna Salad. Wonderful salad with a divine dressing made from a 50/50% mix of oil and water, flavoured with brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, garlic and white sesame. Delicious.

Nasu No Dengaku. A deliciously simple meal using eggplants and two types of Miso sauce. Cooked in the oven and then grilled to perfection. YUM!

Followed by:

Tofu Dumpling: We had to mix these until the consistency matched that of our ear lobes!  The silky texture of these balls make a great accompaniment to the green tea ice cream.

Green Tea Soy Ice-Cream: I am going to get myself some green tea powder to make a face mask out of. High in vitamin C and other anti-oxidant goodies this stuff keeps for ages and packs a healthy punch.

Japanese Organic Sencya: A light and refreshing tea to finish the meal.

Gosyu (Japanese Sake). Rocket fuel, sure to take your nail polish off!

Fancy yourself as a Japanese Chef? Contact Healthy Soy Cooking for details of their monthly drop in classes or to organize a workshop for you and your friends. Beauty really does start from within!

healthy soy cooking montage

And the winners take their bow.

From L2R: Amanda,  Sophie, Jack and Yoshiko our chef.

From L2R: Amanda, Sophie, Jack and Yoshiko our chef.

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