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Take Five – Cosmetic’s that are good enough to eat!

October 27, 2009

This cold weather is making me hungry, what happened to summer? If you are feeling the same way and are looking for 100% gratification with 0% calories then try this menu for size:


Green Tea Spritzer from Ultraceuticals.

Cleanse the pallet and the skin with this Green Tea spritzer from  Ultraceuticals. This light and cooling spritzer delivers a heady blend of antioxidants to tired skin. Prepare to be cleansed!  Buy online here.


The Body Deli Fresh Cell Blueberry Fusion wash.

blueberry facewash



This promises to be a feast for the skin, enhanced with natural exfoliating goodies such as Lactic, malic and citric acid, and acai berrry blended together with blueberry puree. Yumm.

You can get more information on the Body Deli product line at their website.




Skin Juice Quench Moisturiser.

What this space for innovative and exquisitely smelling salon quality organics.  The brands signature blend of Pomegranate, Red Raspberry and arctic cranberry this is one skin smoothie that you wish will never end. Best of all, its organic and guilt free!  Skin Juice featured their new range at the Sydney Beauty expo in August and look set to go onto bigger and better things next year.


Palmers Original Cocoa Body Butter.

It’s hard to beat this rich and deeply nourishing formula. A great treat for hungry summer skin in need of intensive care. Palmers has been used for centuries now as the perfect pregnancy skin feeder and a great way to keep stretch marks at bay. This is partly due to the creams high levels of Vitamin E (skin food) and partly due to its rich and nourishing texture – see more here.

After Dinner Teaser.

Lipfresh by Angelique.

lipfresh picture


Why not finish off your skin feast with a dash of minty fresh breath courtesy of Angelique’s new Lipfresh? This lip nourishing gloss will leave you fresh, revived and ready to take on the rest of the day.






How’s that for a calorie controlled diet?


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