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Heidi Klum, Yummy Mum.

November 30, 2009

Yes,  she does look amazing and yes, she did pop out baby no 4 last month but no, she is not a freak of nature, she is just one hot mamma.  While playing host to a growing baby can be anything but a bed of roses for some, Heidi does seem to have been blessed with health and vitality through each of her four pregnancies. 

Heidi Klum 2008. Image sourced from Wikipedia

How did she get to look so good so soon? Well,  according to the magazines she was quick to start the post partum exercise, she watches what she eats and makes sure she  gets plenty of rest and support – vital for your inner beauty!  Also with three other kids to chase after were guessing that she didn’t have much time to put her feet up and gain much weight pre-delivery.  On top of that she seemed to avoid the pregnancy bloat that blights many of us (this excess fluid can take a while to settle following delivery and can make you feel heavy,  sluggish and very un-sexy). 

So, if you are sitting there, pregnant or nursing a recently hatched and thinking “Lucky old her and poor old me” then you are not alone.  It took nine months to grow the baby (more if you have been gearing up with IVF or suffered a miscarriage), lots of effort to recover from the birth and sleepless nights and a lifetime to regain your pre-baby energy levels.  Take it easy on yourself and remember that you have just played a key role in an amazing event: The creation of life.

Feel Great Being You.



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