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Inika – Mineral Perfection.

December 6, 2009

Can Glamour be good for you?  Australian mineral make-up brand Inika think so and have created a range of products to prove it.  I wanted a closer look.

Before we go any further I want to mention their foundation brush – the Kabuki (which retails for around $60).  It is just wonderful!  So full, soft and perfectly shaped to glide over those hard-to-reach places. Applying the foundation gave the feeling that  my face was having a massage, how good is that!

The brush hair is made of a synthetic blend which mimics the feel of animal hair while Wood for the handle is sourced from sustainable forestry – all of the pleasure but none of the guilt. 

The Chemistry

The Foundation currently comes in seven shades and is built on a “minimum ingredient” philosophy using the highest quality, finely ground mica and iron oxide pigments. This gives the wearer maximum coverage without the need for fillers or extenders.  While there is little evidence to support the current thinking that ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, parabens and talc are “nasty”  as far as our health goes,  environmentally, the less-ingredient philosophy makes total sense.

Sunscreen – SPF 20

This mineral range offers natural sun protection to the tune of  an SPF of 20 due to the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. However, the wearer would be wise to not rely on the foundation alone for their sun protection as the maximum UV protection could only be achieved with a uniform and all-encompassing application of the make-up.  Further, for those wearing the lighter shade,  whose skin probably burns after 5 minutes in the mid-summer sun could only expect a maximum of 100 minutes protection. So unless you re-apply your “face” regularly,  have  plan B ready (hat, sunscreen, glasses and shade).

The Story.

I love the fact that make-up can transcend cultural boundaries – the brand  takes inspiration from the Hindu faith, its name Ikika means small earth while at the same time offering Muslim consumers a Halal choice in foundation.  All that from an Australian female duo in search of cleaner, greener living.

United we stand, foundation brush in hand!

Great stuff.

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