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Cold Shower SOS

December 9, 2009

Ok, so if I was in Copenhagen this week I would not be advocating the cold shower treatment – it is freeeeezing over there and there is nothing better than a nice hot shower to calm the nerves. BUT WAIT,  shouldn’t we be thinking of the cost of that shower? The consequences of our actions? The day of reckoning has arrived…….. 

OK, so not a shower but same difference!


Hot Showers – The Yay’s and the Neigh’s 

They are relaxing which is a big YAY! 

Oh yes they are but did you know that hot water strips away your skin’s natural moisturising factor leaving it dry and exposed. Your natural Moisturising factor also helps to protect the skin from bacteria and other invaders. Taking it all off may mean that those skin creams sting more than usual (they can penetrate more easily) which is not a good thing if you are a sensitive soul. A big  Neigh from the morality and dermatology horse! 

They help to infuse conditioner into my hair and face packs into my skin. 

Oh YAY!  Well it is true that the steam from a hot shower can help to open up the hair for conditioning treatments to penetrate. This is a good thing but the water lost by standing in a running shower is a shameless waste of a precious resource.  Better to dampen a small towel and heat it in the microwave for a moment or two before wrapping that around the head. While the treatment works read a book on global warming. As for your face pack, same applies. Open pores over a bowl of hot water then apply face pack, sit back and relax – much better for you AND less likely to leave your skin in distress.  Our carbon conscious horse says Neigh! 

But I save water by weeing in the shower? 

YAY to that – it is OK to pee in the shower guys but taking longer than 4 minutes in there will lose you that hard-fought benefit and it is a little gross when you think about it. YAY and Neigh to that one. 

Where else can I practice my karaoke? 

One of the great things about Christmas is that you can put your singing to good use by sharing it in the name of charity. Join a choir, adopt a good cause and sing your heart out as you walk around the streets. Much better for the environment, your health and the little baby Jesus. 

We don’t yet know what the guys in Copenhagen will come up with but what we do know is this. Keep up with the long showers and the little Mermaid sitting overlooking that icy cold water will soon be a dive site (Copenhagen is only 500 feet above water).  You don’t want that burden to be carried on your shoulders now do you? 

Small Steps = Big Effects. 

Cut down shower time to around 4 minutes and do your skin and the planet a favour. Best still, jump in with your friends!

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