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Barbie Girl Beauty

December 10, 2009

Now I have friends who won’t even SAY the word Barbie let alone let them pass the threshold of their homes.  Barbie and her other plastic friends are the epitome of all that is un-moral  and wasteful in our western capitalist societies for these folks, and on the one hand I can see why. 

Yes, we have too much plastic in the world, NO – no kid should EVER want to look like one of these things and YES, it would be better if little [insert name here] was out climbing trees instead of dreaming of being a fashion model. But do Barbie and her friends deserve this hatred? I think not.

You see I was a Barbie girl. I had the big  pink bus, the mega mansion, the 30 plus girl dolls (plus one boy – lucky thing), the clothes, the horses and the cars and I never wanted to be Barbie. I wasn’t that stupid or insecure and I am sure that my kids aren’t either.

While I do wish that we didn’t have QUITE so many Barbies and friends (mainly due to the flippant use of resource than anything more), and I do wish that the dolls weren’t quite so vulgar I, for one won’t be batting an eyelid when the kids get out the dolls  for a game of fashion models / camping / happy families.  I am a Barbie girl and my kids will learn about Beauty, resilience and self-confidence from the real people that surround and love them.

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