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“Does My Butt Look Big In This” and other pointless questions.

January 3, 2010

So, Does my butt look big in this?


  1. No
  2. Yes but who cares
  3. In What?

This question is just one of many stupid questions that this blog hopes to screw, no tear up and shove into the deepest, darkest compost heap known to man, woman or man-woman combo. 

Why did I write this?

Because being one of those Sunday’s that falls shortly after the Christmas / New Years euphoria everyone is too hung over to deal with real news and is instead feeding us headlines such as

 “Should Magazines Air Brush Photo’s” 


 “Best Celebrity Hairstyles EVER”

and not forgetting the

“Get A Bkini Bod Quick”


 “Fat Celebs In Bikini’s”

OK, OK I know that every now and then it is nice to see the rich, famous and oh, so polished loose it every now and then and it is ever so tempting to want to look just like that Barbie that your seven year-old is man-handling.  And there would not be many of us who, when faced with the fact that our jeans shrunk over the festive season don’t need a re-assuring pat on the back (side) but please, don’t let it eat you up!

There are some universal truths that will always exist:

  • The longer you look at your butt, the bigger it seems to get. Don’t look.
  • Air-brushing exists -put it down to ‘art’ and ‘fashion’ and move on.
  • The fastest way to get a bikini bod is to just put a bikini on and enjoy yourself – beauty comes from within.
  • Some celebrities have hair, some don’t – why care?

The media can mess with our heads in many ways, telling us one minute to love ourselves and embrace our curves and the next cutting chunks off already skinny and well-proportioned actors, models and artists.  The trouble is, as a whole, we love it! 

It is all about balance.

Learn to look at yourself as a whole person and not as a “bum’, ‘tum’, ‘nose’ or ‘thigh’,  enjoy your bit of movie-star titillation and then move on and lastly, be thankful that you have time to care.

The media is not some un-touchable force, sitting on planet ‘news’ in a far, far away galaxy – the media is a reflection of society, THIS society. If you don’t read it, they won’t print it!

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  1. January 7, 2010 12:05 pm

    Unfortunately in todays society young woman in particular refer to magazines as “The Bible”. As an image consultant I have woman come to me asking how to look three sizes small just like in the magazines. Guess what? It cannot be done.
    It is essential that we teach teenagers and woman to appreciate and learn to work with what they have. Its not about looking three sizes smaller but looking in proportion.

    If you have a big butt then look at your shoulders. I guarantee you if you wore a top that balanced the top of your body with your butt then your but would not look big.

    If you have a short waist then make it proportional with the rest of you by wearing longer tops, belts on the waist or mid/low rise jeans.

    The most important thing about looking good is looking in proportion no matter how tall/short big/small you are.

    Unfortunately most young woman/teenagers of today are left to learn how to dress by looking and studying magazines. Not only do they get it wrong but many become extremely demoralised and loose confidence.

    Unfortunately it is hard to say not to read or look at magazines. What we should be saying is look at a magazine for what it really is – paper with pretty pictures.


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