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The Cult Of Scent

January 17, 2010

This week I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend and fellow science nut Jocelyn Fullerton AKA the brains (and passion and creative genius) behind “The Cult of Scent”.  

I first met Jocelyn when she was on the search for the perfect rose for a women’s skin care range.  At the time she was working as a lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Therapies as well as writing a book and magazine articles, doing some freelance consulting work and keeping her hand in with her herbal clinic.  I am pleased to say that life for Jocelyn has got no less ‘interesting’ as she juggles the above with a new venture – her own perfume range. 

In an age when the dollar is almighty, the mass created is mass-celebrated and the ‘great unwashed’ smell like one- dimensional celebrities,  this boutique and highly personal range makes for a refreshingly earthy change.  The cult of scent is just that, a cult for those of us who thrive on what’s bubbling under the surface,  get excited by the possibility of the great unknown and ask the questions that need asking.  “Smell alone among the senses can either destroy or quite remake a man” Jerome Cardan, De Subtiltate Rerum 1550.  

So, what olfactory treats await you? Let’s find out….. 

Jocelyn Fullerton and her babies!



The Hedonist
The Hedonist is a contradiction, did he just scream in on his motorbike, redolent of grease, sweat and leather? Or has he been in reclining in his study, on an antique Chesterfield, fresh pipe in one hand good cognac in the other? 

Think what you may but there’s no doubt that The Hedonist is a man who knows about pleasure –fierce or refined 

The Hedonist – a classical Russian leather composition, smoky birch tar and castoreum add depth and seduction to the spicy freshness of olibanum. Sandalwood and mosses leave a lingering impression of strength and an ever so slight sense of sweat and skin. 

1000 Roses. 

 1000 Roses is an homage to the floral perfection of the Damascene Rose, using the best bulgarian rose oil. 

Perfection needs no adornment. 

1000 Roses is takes its inspiration from the fact that it takes an astonishing 3500-4000kg of roses to make 1 kg of the oil.. a spritz is like showering your self in rose petals, a bottle contains the exquisite floral breath of more than 1000 roses. 

Into the Woods
Surprisingly delicate on a woman, yet reassuringly warm on a man, Into The Woods is a study on simplicity. An Eau de Cologne introduction of Neroli opens to clear fresh woods leaving a lingering sense of depth. This is freshly washed, clean yet warm. 

Wear with linen and a Panama hat or a superbly cut suit. Simple, clean, concise. 

Neroli and frankincense refresh the senses, followed by a classic woody accord of sandalwood and cedar. 

Sweet Libertine
From an initial impression of citrus and cool strong woods, Sweet libertine is a journey into a cool green forest on a hot summers day. Sunlight filters through the leaves, a refreshing respite from the heat. Hidden the woods is a feminine heart; the soft velvet of roses, a creamy glow of jasmine, delicate petals of neroli fall in the breeze. The Libertine is a glimpse of naked skin, a dryad in her element, laughter and golden hair on the breeze. 

Was it all a dream? 

Sweet libertine opens with a cool citrus and cedar accord, warming to Bulgarian roses, jasmine and neroli. A dry finale of patchouli, sandal and Tahitian vanilla leave a refined, gentle caress on the skin. 

For more information on how to buy the range or to book into one of Jocelyn’s mini-perfumery workshops (Held in the Newtown area of Sydney, Australia) visit her facebook page.

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