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Microdermabrasion part 2: Beautify Me

February 3, 2010

The other week I reported on my inaugural microderm treatment and trumpeted it as a perfect little pick-me-up for the busy working person. However,  as a scientist I always get a bit twitchy when judging something on a ‘one off’ experience so I managed to twist the arm of another medi-spa virgin in order to gain a little more perspective on the situation.

It is easy to forget what a daunting task it is to cross the threshold of one of these establishments for the first time.  The windows are often tinted for privacy making it hard to sus-out what lies behind, the staff are often flawless, busy and can sometimes make you feel so ‘unwashed’ by their sparkliness. Oh, and then there’s the cost. We save up our hard-earned pennies, take a deep breath and walk in only to find that our treatment comes with ‘hidden extras’ in the shape of day creams, night creams, pre-treatment creams, post-treatment creams and ice-creams (?)  Of course  the reality is often a lot softer and kinder but us newbies don’t see it like that. We feel like that new girl that just came out the toilets with her dress caught up in her knickers…..

So, if you keep walking past the medi spa but dare not yet reach for that door knob take a leaf out of Kristins book. Just do it (and then tell us all how it went).


Solving the Mystery of Microdermabrasion

By: Kristin Rohan.

My little secret is out – I just turned 40 – and though I’m not upset about this milestone, it did inspire me to think about how well I was
taking care of myself — specifically my skin. I have shunned facials and spa treatments and expensive creams my whole life. I’m frugal and I had acne. It took my years to find Proactiv (been using successfully since 1993) and I didn’t believe that spending a ton of money on a spa treatment would do anything for me.

But as I approached 40, I started thinking that maybe I could help my complexion (especially motivated by the beautiful women of Sydney), by getting microdermabrasion. I don’t like to wear foundation, so camouflaging my face was not an option. So, encouraged by the lovely Amanda (Realize Beauty), I began to hunt for a place that would beautify me.

I found Lotus Spa in Bondi Junction – an elegant & friendly oasis – where I was told my skin had sun damage and would need extensive
therapy. This was no surprise to me as I’d already taken a beating at another spa (and wasn’t keen to go back) but it still pricked my ego.
But the lovely woman was nice, honest and right. So after she explained the details, I booked an appointment.

I really thought microdermabrasion would be harsh and I would have to go into hiding with scraggly skin – I was SO wrong! It was a wonderful experience. I received the crystal method (not diamond) with a device from Beauty Culture. It was more of a sucking vacuum than a face blasting. What a relief.

The treatment started with a soothing cleanser to prepare my skin. The the microdermabrasion. The beautician (she was globally and locally certified) gently smoothed my skin so the vacuum didn’t bruise the fleshy areas like my cheeks. It was enjoyable and didn’t feel like I was losing a layer of skin.

After the main treatment, she put on a soothing masque and serum and treated me to a hand/scalp massage. It was decadent!

She did warn me to wear sunscreen — that’s a given — and sent me on my way after telling me I looked radiant! Thank you very much. I came home and took pictures but didn’t notice too much difference. My skin was definitely brighter and clearer and I looked pampered – my skin was definitely softer, too. My skin felt just a little tight but there was no obvious redness. The next day, my skin still had that
pampered look and I noticed I looked rested and a bit younger.


I am certainly going back in a few months for another treatment. Will I go back to Lotus Spa? Maybe. I’m going to visit a few others and see what I find. I am on the quest for the friendliest and most feminine spa in Bondi Junction. The kind of place that makes me feel like a
beautiful woman — before my treatment. I’m looking for ambiance…an ultimate experience. It will take a lot to surpass Lotus Spa, and I’ll
share what I find.

Thanks Amanda, for inspiring me to treat myself to a much-needed and loved treatment. I’m a believer!

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