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Beauty Food – Pomegranate

February 6, 2010

Panthenol as Nature Intended. Pomegranates!


Many of today’s beauty products have taken their cue from nature, infusing their products with goodness in the form of antioxidants, fatty acids and essential nutrients before  packaging them up under the seductive ‘anti-ageing’ guise.   While that’s all very convenient and easy to swallow it’s sometimes best to roll up your sleeves and get up close and personal with the REAL THING. 

Pomegranates are a beautiful fruit who’s charms are not easily won – it takes a sharp knife, a bowl of water and a bit of patience before your prize becomes available but it is all worth the wait! 

From a beauty point of view the pomegranate is rich in many things including the skin and hair nourishing Vitamin B5 or panthenoic acid! Panthenol has been added to shampoos and skin-care products since the early 1940’s  and like many ingredients, it  has seen it’s popularity ebb and flow. Being such a long-standing beauty favourite it has been the subject of much scientific study – some in agreement about its importance and mode of  action and some not. However,  all scientists agree that Vitamin B5 is essential for good general health due to the roll it plays in many metabolic processes.  It’s really hard to be deficient in this vitamin as it is found in almost all foods but we love the fact that the pomegranate has it in abundance! 

So what is Panthenol supposed to do for me? 

  • Assist in wound healing
  • Help with the management of acne.
  • Nourish our hair.
  • moisturise the skin.

You can read more in this sales brochure from DSM

Quite frankly I haven’t had time to go through all of the published papers on this skincare active to see where science ends and marketing starts but what I do know is that this is one essential vitamin, it is water-soluble and can penetrate both the skin and hair.  It is also really useful in changing the hold capacity of polymers in styling products (helping to give you a flexible hold) and it’s nigh on impossible to get too much of this stuff.  Therefore we give Panthenol a big thumbs up and encourage you to go out and get your fill. Naturally!

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