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Have a gay old time

February 27, 2010

Sydney is buzzing with Mardi Gras fever as people from all over the world come out in style to celebrate life, freedom and love! 

Gay Pride

One of the most important themes of Realize Beauty is to first be true to yourself and then second, respect and love others. After that living beautifully is easy! 

 Sometimes being true to yourself takes courage especially when we how we feel or look or what believe in is at odds with those around us. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with our sexuality, it can be about our clothes or music preferences, our living habits, our religion or our choice in careers.   It can be as complex as our cultural heritage or as simple as our not wanting to go to the pub on a Friday night. Standing up and facing life’s challenges head on can be a life-long journey.

So tonight we celebrate the men and women who have chosen to embrace beauty their way  and we quietly acknowledge the footsteps that each one of them will have walked to stand tall and proud today.

Life is beautiful, viva la Vida

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