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Injecting Results – Botox and YOUR Job

March 12, 2010

Warning – this article is my attempt at irony. After all, it is a Friday afternoon in my world.

How often has your boss tried to inject a bit of motivation into the workplace? Did they do it by letting you watch “motivational” movie clips in your lunch break?  By putting on a tasty morning tea  or maybe by taking you all out bowling on a Friday night (when you would rather be tucked up in your PJ’s with a glass of wine and a good book).

Well, all of that is SOOOO yesterday. Today we can find all the motivation we need in a syringe!

 I have mentioned before about how your looks impact on your job prospects but now it seems that looks can also impact upon how long you keep that job.   Yes guys, botox has hit the board room and there is now no excuse for not ironing out more than your shirt collars.

If all of that rings about as true as that once-a-year visit from the CEO who smiles, says “keep up the good work” and “the only constant in this life is change”  then here are some facts from an article sourced from the ninemsn website citing the Wall street journal:

“Even in the depths of one of the worst recessions since the last one BOTOX sales have risen 0.6%”

Big news indeed.

So,  in the lead up to your next annual review forget about talking to customers, researching new market opportunities or figuring out how to make production more efficient. Just head down to the medi-spa, sit back, relax and get ready to feel a few little pricks in your face.

Should be all the preparation you need I reckon.



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