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Crafty Saturday Soap Pictures

April 11, 2010

Check out my little fruity soaps. I am in love with the simplicity of this recipe – the soap needs to simmer for quite a while to get rid of the meths smell but after that the results are just great! You can have a go too by following this link.  If you are after more eco-friendly soap I would try soap nuts – we tried them out and loved them. If you just want to find out how soap works, try reading this article on saponification.   The moulds that I use are just ice-cube trays. These make cute little soaps that can be used as party favours – just tell your guests not to eat them!

For those of you in the Sydney area we run Cosmetic Kitchen birthday parties for kids aged between 7-107 and SOAP is on the menu.  These parties can be booked through our partners – Fizzics Education, they are great for winter birthdays as we are busy cooking up bath treats inside.

Soap in the mold

The Fruity Soap Shop

Yes the giltter sinks if you add it too early!

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