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The Hand Made Skin Revival

April 16, 2010

Do we have science fatigue yet?  Are you a little bit over hearing about nano-particles,  free-radicals, delivery systems and pH balance?  Well we may have something here for you!

I love all of that stuff but if you just popped down to the chemist for something to protect you from the winter chill or  summer burn the enforced chemistry lesson can leave you feeling a bit pale and clammy.  

So, is it time to revive the good-old days?  Austraroma think so.

Austraroma Hand-Made Cosmetic party

Austraroma are experts in the art of ‘slow cosmetics’. Everything in the range is hand-made using  traditional manufacturing processes including a saponification reaction that takes around a month to complete!  The soaps, face packs and moisturising products are all based on natural ingredients which are blended to perfection by Tatiana in her Sydney based workshop. This artisan approach to cosmetic manufacture is gaining in popularity as more and more people want as few steps as possible between the plant and the cosmetic pot. So what’s cooking?

My favourite is the Honey and Propolis all-purpose balm which smells divine thanks to a dash of cinnamon.  Propolis is a prized ingredient in ancient skin care due to its waxy nature and anti-oxidant properties and honey is a brilliant cure-all for skin. The cinnamon gives the balm a tingly warm feeling when applied that gets the blood flowing – a natural circulation booster.

In addition to that I am in love with Magic Hands which exfolliates with coffee, sea salt, clay and natural oils to leave your hands feeling silky soft and fresh. The extra bonus with this product is the long-lasting moisturising effects thanks to the macadamia and jojoba oils plus Shea butter and phytowaxes.  Truly beautiful.

A hand-made range requires a hands-on approach to selling and Tatiana has been working on building up a network of brand-advocates to run her party-plan business. In the current economic and environmental climate getting back to basics is THE thing to do and business around the globe is booming.  If you would like to give these products a try or fancy yourself as a sales agent why not give Tatiana a call?  It seems Slow is the way to go in 2010.

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