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LaPurete on Today Tonight!

July 15, 2010

I still find it funny to see people who I know in “real life’ on the TV and so when Peter Vranes from LaPurete turned up on the box tonight I nearly choked on my chicken nuggets!  La Purette is a natural facelift-in-a-bottle  cosmaceutical cream that really does work. I tried it out after catching up with Peter at the Hair expo in Melbourne earlier this year and I have to say it did speed up my skin cell turn over and make my skin look fresher.  I was interested in trying this out as I had heard about a new product that had been proven in vivo but wasn’t sure which one it was until I met up with Peter.

LaPurete has been put through its paces by the Monash University team in a similar test to the one I talked about yesterday and it actually did reduce wrinkles. Do I sound surprised?  Well I have to say I was because reducing the appearance of wrinkles is actually very difficult to do as they are formed deep below the skin’s surface.

LaPurete works because its key active is so tiny and potent that it can pass through the skin barrier and block the muscle contraction signals at the source. This is exactly what Botox and other injectables do to but without the needles!  You can read more about the product here or can see the Today Tonight write-up at their website when they upload it!

Lapurete Wrinkle Relief Naturally

Well done Peter and the team, can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

P.S: My sentences seem very long tonight so I appologise for that. It has been a Loooong (but good) day 🙂

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