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Pore Perfection from Benefit

August 13, 2010

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of this new product the other week and thought that it was about time I gave you the low-down on it.  Benefit, the brand that  is world-famous for its cheeky and fun attitude to beauty have gone all grown-up with this highly sophisticated and luxurious formulation.  This is definitely something for the top shelf!

Pore Fessional From Benefit

Large, open pores are the bane of many of our beauty lives and they are difficult to hide.  They are actually hair follicles although the hair may be very fine to non-existent and their job is to deliver oil and sweat to the surface of the skin. Oil is produced and released to keep the skin moist and sweating helps to keep us cool so these little eye-sores (if you see them as such) are actually pretty important.

Problems can start to arise with pores when you reach puberty and hormonal disruptions start to wreak their havoc.  Pores that have become blocked due to too much oil or dirt can become infected and enlarged leaving behind an uneven surface which is hard to cover-up.  However, pore size is not all due to acne and hormones some of it is genetic – if you parents have enlarged pores you will probably follow suit (and yes, acne is also genetic in part but you don’t have to have acne to get enlarged pores and some people with acne don’t end up with enlarged pores, weird).

So, is there anything that you can do to minimise your chance of developing enlarged pores?

As the skin is the first line of defence, the environment always plays some part in how you end up looking. Too much sun, bad habits such as smoking and eating junk plus late nights can all compromise your system leaving your body under stress.  In addition to that heavy, greasy make-up can also lead to blockages which, if left unblocked can add to pore splattery!

So,  because  your pores help to rid your body of toxins the more bad stuff you expose yourself to, the more likely your pores are to react.  To look like an angel you need to act like one……

But if you just CAN”T be good, you need to get some professional help!

And so to this funky new product?

Pore Fessional is worth a look as it feels SOOOO good.  The formulation is heavily silicone based which means that it is oil free and very light feeling.  It also contains silicone elastomers which feel like little spongy cushions on the skin and make using this product a real dream. The product has a light colour that rubs in to give an invisible finish meaning that you can either wear it as is or apply under make-up  but don’t use too much – the silicone elastomer starts to ball up if you over do it so less is more people!

The Verdict.

The product feels amazing, goes under make-up perfectly and definitely leaves you with silky skin but I didn’t see a dramatic result on my pores (I have big ones unfortunately).   The product also has quite a strong smell which is pleasant but may put off those with sensitive skin.

Overall I am definitely going to keep using this one  as the smoothness of finish under make-up is perfect. I can see a few wannabe make-up artists wanting to add this to their bag of tricks but would want to see better pore-results before recommending this for photographic work.  Good effort guys, LOVE the feel – see you are the counter shortly.

Benefit Pore Fessional is in store from 21st August which is next weekend. Check it out and let me know how you manage your pores!

Alternatively feel free to stand up for the human condition and embrace your pores in all their glory, down with dollies.

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    August 13, 2010 11:43 pm

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