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Youth Culture. Not my cup of tea

January 22, 2011


Sans / Avec? I'm not sure that I want to be either

This billboard for Virgin radio is currently doing the rounds on the high streets and billboards of Paris and I think it sucks.  All I see is an ad for a  shallow, superficial radio station that thinks the worst thing that can happen to a girl is getting grey hair and a few wrinkles.  Well, that’s nice!

Oh, and the last time I looked that good old Richard Branston Pickle had a few grey hairs and wrinkles of his own…..

Viva La Vida and the enjoyment of  its musical soundtrack, wrinkles and all!

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  1. January 22, 2011 11:01 am

    Pathetic, ageist and sexist – this ad is definitely awful!

    • RealizeBeautyEd permalink
      January 22, 2011 11:04 am

      Glad it’s not just me. It was everywhere…..

  2. January 22, 2011 11:39 am

    I am 27 and I know a lot of young and not-so-young people don’t appreciate what a privilege it is to still be around when you have grey hair – life is taken for granted far too often. Being young and ignorant is far less attractive to me than being mature enough to know what life is really about.

  3. January 22, 2011 3:48 pm

    Sad to see that our looks are all we are worth as females these days – not cool! Thanks for posting 🙂


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