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The importance of wearing layers.

February 4, 2011

The importance of wearing layers

Do you ever get the feeling that we are spending too long living  life in the shallow end of the pool?   With much of todays media seeing themselves as providers of entertainment and cheap thrills it is not surprising.   Take for example the poor old residents of Queensland who, having only just recovered from a drenching of biblical proportion had to face the wrath of cyclone Yasi earlier this week.  

OK, and…….

We (the rest of Australia and the world) were treated to what felt like front row seats of a new Hollywood blockbuster as camera crews stationed all over the ‘hit zone’ prepared for Armageddon.  I got the feeling that the crews were all visibly disappointed when the cyclone, downgraded from a category 5 to a 3 hit  land at Mission Beach and Tully – two lovely but small in the grand scheme of things towns a little off the beaten track.

Anyway, this coverage of what can only be described as ‘catastrophic events’  made me think…… It is a sad and sorry reflection of humanity when tragic events of mass proportion are turned into what feels like scenes from a soap opera.  There is nothing wrong with showing interest, concern and empathy for people in need but flattening their experience into a one-dimensional piece of titillation is wrong.

Whoever you are, whatever cards life deals, have fun in the shallow water but don’t be scared to dive right in and have a swim around. The water is beautiful!

I just hope that all of those affected by the recent weather events in Queensland can look forward to a supportive and peaceful next few months  in which to re-build their lives layer by layer. 

To paraphrase from that classic pop singer PINK  “they’re not there for your entertainment”……..

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