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Einstein’s cure for smelly shoes.

February 20, 2011

I found this when I was out shopping yesterday:

According to the packaging it has been speifically designed to destroy odours on a molecular level by de-activating bad smell molecules. This, if indeed the product can do it, is vastly superior to products that just cover the bad smell up. 

How does it do that?

Well,  bacteria from our 250,000 foot-based sweat glands collects in the soft material found in our shoes and starts to thrive in the dark, damp environment.  Foot bacteria is generally harmless and usually lives on our skin where it feeds off excreted sweat.  This feeding frenzy results in the release of lots of sulfur and nitrogen molecules formed from the decaying skin and as anyone who’s smelt eggs or volcanoes knows these molecules are the stinkers!

So does it work?

Well, I went to the gym last night to put my running shoes through their paces in order to try this product out.  So far so good – the shoes don’t stink of much at all (but they probably weren’t that smelly to start with) which I am happy with. I guess that all I have to do now is find some really stinky shoes to neutralize.

The product cost me $11.95 for 100ml and is made by Dynamo House Australia based in Victoria and contains an all-natural formula.  So, with  initial test results looking good this may have to become a staple ingredient of my shoe cupboard. Horay for Einstein!

Let me know how you get on!

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