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Vani-T Minerals, a little bit fancy

March 27, 2011

If you like your mineral make-up with a bit of bling then Vani-T is the range for you!   This fun and funky looking range is the brain child of Tania Walsh who after eighteen years of work as a make-up artist turned her attention to all things chemical (or lack of).

Vani-T Krush Minerals

Like many make-up  professionals Tania states on her website that a key motivator in her wanting to create her own range was to avoid chemicals.  Well, knowing how much I love my chemicals I can’t say that I share her concerns but I must say that the chemicals that she has put into these products seem to be doing the trick.

Many of the pigments in the Krush Minerals range are silicone coated which mean that they glide onto the skin like silk giving it an air-brushed perfection that is difficult for all-natural or organic brands to match.  The range also contains light reflective pigments that act to deflect light away from the skin giving the illusion of a smooth and vibrant complexion – and that’s exactly what I’ll need tomorrow after an all-night working session 🙂

To sum up I would say that this is definitely a mineral range for those who love a bit of bling bling and razamatazz in their handbag. The products perform well and a list of stockists is available on the website. Now  if you would please excuse me I might just see if I can track Tania down for a cup of tea and a chat about my type of chemistry.

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  1. March 28, 2011 6:00 am

    Nice post.. i’ll have to give this brand a try. 😉

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