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Champagne and Alpha-H

April 15, 2011

Alpha H Clear Skin System

Last Thursday Penny from our consulting team joined the Alpha H crew for a champagne breakfast and chat about their clear skin system and  new gentle daily exfoliant.  This Australian based results-driven skin care company was developed for use by professional therapists in a medi-spa setting and as such contains a high level of  actives and in particular AHA’s and BHA’s.

The Clear Skin Collection was developed for people who are looking for acne-free skin without a prescription. As you might expect this three-step process (Wash, Hydrate, blemish control)  is packed full of proven acne-fighting and skin conditioning ingredients with the key ones being  Salicylic Acid ( a beta hydroxy acid) and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). However, the efficacy of the range is given a bacterial fighting boost from the very Australian Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree – action you can smell plus some Wild Oregano, Willowbark and Thyme!

In our opinion most interesting out of the four products is the new gentle exfoliant which is supplied as a lightly scented greyish powder consisting of Kaolin (a type of clay), Sodium Diatomeae (gentle natural abrasive which is similar to pumice. This can also help remove sebum),  Bentonite (another clay which is good for grease removal), carica papaya extract (natural fruit acid for exfolliating plus some antibacterial properties) and Ananas Sativus Extract (AKA Pineapple which is another natural exfolliant).  This dry-blend is great for people who like to customise their daily cleansing routine as the powder can be used as-is with a little water or added into one of your existing cleansers for a little power-boost.

As the philosophy of this brand is built around acid technology and its exfolliating powers the products do have a very specific target market and will not suit everyone.  Further, as the range has been developed with a professional market in mind the actives are at a high level and so it is imperative that you try before you slather the products all over yourself. That said, this range does balance the milder fruit acids and BHA’s with hydrating ingredients such as Sodium PCA, Hyaluronic Acid and Cotton Seed Extract to give your skin a bit of a leg-up and ensure that the products don’t leave you dry and flaky!

The Clear Skin System retails for $45 for the 3-step program of the face wash, hydrator gel and blemish gel which apparently is enough to last for over a month.  On top of that the Gentle Exfolliant is just under $60 for 5og and should last for a long, long time just so long as you don’t get it wet in the pack!

We would like to thank the team at Alpha H for the chance to be involved in their launch and congratulate them for keeping their manufacturing in the fine and fair land that we call home – Australia.

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