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Selling Out Our Beauty. A Misguided March?

May 28, 2011

What on earth has happened for us (women) to want to re-claim the word SLUT?

Ok so when a police man told a group of women that they should maybe consider dressing differently to avoid being harassed then I have to agree with him.  I know it isn’t politically correct but quite frankly I don’t care. This whole publicity stunt stupidity is just wrong and totally misguided.

The beauty of the Masculine is that it is programmed to tune in to the allure of the feminine (please note that I didn’t say men and women here as that is not the essence of it). Boobs (any size, any shape), hips, bottoms (be they full and wobbly or taught and fit), shapely legs,  tummies (curvaceous or washboard flat),  arms (muscular and tanned or soft and loving)  ANYTHING really is a feast of visual delight under the right circumstances.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this masculine game, this sensual journey?  It is natural, beautiful and right if we apply it to the right circumstance and that is the problem.

Taking away the abstract masculine and feminine we return to the reality that is women.  Women know that men (statistically speaking)  respond very strongly to visual stimulation and quite frankly many women play on this.   This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but like any cat-and-mouse game, sometimes things can go too far.  To insinuate that women go out at night in hooker heels,  skirts that barely cover their bottoms and boob tubes just to have innocent fun is insulting.  I am sure that the thrill of being admired and desired is good for the ego and can feel quite empowering and I agree that even if a women goes out naked she doesn’t deserve to be touched or otherwise interfered with by anyone at all EVER and in a civilised society this notion would be respected.

If we want the feminine to be valued then we must understand its power and wanting to be called a slut, dressing up like a slut and talking like a slut will NOT make that happen.  Both ‘feminine’  and ‘masculine’  energies exist in all of us whether we are male or female, gay or straight just how that energy is balanced is what helps to make us what we are – sensual beings with a desire for mutual respect, for human contact and for playful fun.

While all of this is bitterly disappointing on the surface,  it is another aspect of this charade that worries me.  For a society to thrive it needs individuals to be valued and feel valuable.  This, once achieved makes it easier for those individuals to form and maintain  meaningful family  units  and out from that respecting and cohesive communities which grow into healthy societies and nations.  If our value goes no further than our ability to titillate and tease then we are unlikely to get very far and that, in my book is evolutionary suicide.

Rape is wrong.  Always.

Respect the masculine and feminine dynamic and for goodness sake keep your undies under something.

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