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Scalptastic Hair Boost

June 11, 2011

As it’s hair expo weekend I thought that we would take a look at this cute little product that landed on our desk this week.

Hair Boost is a leave on scalp treatment that helps to manage the condition of your hair through improved scalp health.  As I have only had it for a few days I can’t yet vouch for that claim personally but what I can do is walk through the herbal extracts that are inside the bottle to see if the claims stack up on paper:

Hawthorn – Traditionally hawthorn was used to treat heart conditions as apparently it can slow down the heart beat which reduces blood pressure. How that would help the hair grow I don’t know but I guess that a)  we all ‘heart’ our hair and b) it would slow down our palputations should we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a bad hair day!   Anyway, a closer look at its chemistry shows that Hawthorn is rich in proantocyanidin biovlavnoids which we will talk about at the end. So THAT’S why……

Capsicum – Wowsers, this can be hot stuff giving your scalp a little tingle as it boosts circulation!  Capsicum (or Chilli) is great for dilating the blood vessels and getting the temperature rising. In this formulation it would probably be the Capsicum that boosts the products efficacy (along with the carrier which we will mention at the end).

Saw Palmetto –  This extract has been used in traditional American Indian medicine as a hair conditioning and treatment oil. Apparently it helps to revive the hair follicles which sounds like fun!

Green Tea – This extract has been linked to being able to treat hair loss which is a big call put down to the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate which has been the subject of many laboratory trials.   Trials on human heads (rather than test tube hair) have shown similar results so this may just be worth a try if you wish for Rapunzel-like tresses!

Grape Seed –  This is another super anti-oxidant but this time it is rich in oligoproanthocyanidin which is head and shoulders above vitamin C in antioxidant power which could indeed help to keep the scalp in tip-top condition I guess as it prevents the build up of damage from over-exposure to sun, wind, pollution and hairdressing chemicals.

Pine Bark – This is another OPC style antioxidant with similar properties to the grape seed.

Cranberry –  As well as being another antioxidant fruit this contains Omega fatty acids that would act as topical moisturising actives therefore protecting the scalp from environmental pollutants.

Bilberry – Apparently this also improves microcircuation which, along with the capsicum would help to ensure that the anti-oxidant boost made it to the right place in the scalp tissue.  Oh, and it sounds tasty too!

with added ‘boost’ from:

Zinc Sulfate – Some causes of alopecia (hair loss) can be treated with a suppliment of zinc, a mineral that can help strengthen the hair shaft, maintain cell health and  enhanse the scalps own moisture barrier production.  These benefits are best seen through oral application but may work topically under the right circumstances.

Cysteine HCL and Arginine – These amino acid is found naturally in the hair and as such may bind to damaged hair to improve its look, feel and strength.

and the smell of:

Lemon Myrtle Oil which is actually very lovely in this product.

Devique bases its philosophy on plant antioxidants called PAC which are basically super-active antioxidant chemicals that have much higher free-radial fighting powers than traditional ingredients such as Vitamin C or E.  Rather than me write it all out again you can read more here.  On top of that the base for this product is alcohol and water which some people will not like (alcohol can dry out the skin) but others will see as a benefit as this product doesn’t require any additional preservation.  This lightweight base means that it can be rubbed into the scalp and left all day without leaving you feeling greasy or oily.  It could also be useful for those wanting to massage the scalp with something without having to wash it!

Overall this product packs in some interesting ingredients which combine some modern understanding with traditional medicine for a novel and antioxidant-packed scalp experience and while I’m not sure if it will make your hair grow or stop it from falling out it sounds so yummy I’m going to give it a go anyway!

Full Disclosure:  While one of Deviques founders is a work college of ours we were under no obligation to write about this product or range and were not part of its development. 

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