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Rationale SPF 30 Plus Sunscreen

July 8, 2011

While it is winter here in Australia you non-upside down folks are probably enjoying a bit of fun in the sun and for that reason (including the fact that an Australian winter is still sunny) we need to think of SUNSCREEN.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I have been putting RATIONALE through its paces on my less-than-perfect but still perfectly me skin.  I have a number of ‘issues’ that I would be happy to get rid of if I was  a) less lazy, b) not so busy, c) more motivated and d) more prone to looking in the mirror.  However,  realising that the majority of people do want to maintain (or obtain) baby soft, smooth and clear skin I decided to sharpen my sights and focus…….

Rationale is a dermatology style brand that was developed here in Australia by a team headed up by Richard Parker. I became interested in the brand after reading about their funky take on the well-known skin vitamins A and C. This creative chemistry made me realise that this brand has brains and THAT made me want to know more.

So, after reviewing  the Vitamin C  and Vitamin B serum a few weeks ago it is now the turn of the sunscreen  followed shortly after by a look at my  new skin!

SPF 30 plus ZINC based sun protection.

Whatever your level of engagement with your skin care I would urge you to use a sunscreen. Maybe not all of the time (depending on where you live) but  whenever you are going to be spending lots of time outside.  The sun is not our enemy, neither is it something to be feared but a healthy level of respect, especially for fair-skinned people like me living in natures oven is wise.

Rationale have put together an easy-to-apply, lightweight and broad-spectrum sunscreen that works really well either as a stand-alone product or under make-up.  Being a primary sunscreen this TGA registered product does not have to list the ingredients  and as such I can’t talk about how it achieves such a great feel but unless you are after 100% natural or organic that won’t be your primary concern.

I have been using this for weeks now and apply it under my foundation in the morning and am happy to say that it has neither dried my skin (some ZINC sunscreens can) nor made my make-up slip.  The product doesn’t really smell of anything which, for something that you rub into every bit of your face is great and the skin feel that it leaves is slightly powdery rather than greasy or thick.  Overall this is a great example how a zinc-only formula can look and feel ‘invisible’ which (if you have ever tried formulating with zinc) is not easy.  The only down side to this product is the price as it comes as part of the essential six day protection pack for $373 which should last you around two to three months depending on how often you slather the products on.  However, if you can stretch to that it is worth the investment as I really feel that Rationale have got it right (and no, we didn’t have a hand in its development 😉 )


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