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Why looking young is all in the mind!

July 17, 2011

Scientists at the University of Hamburg, Germany have added more evidence to the argument that to look young, you have to think young!   Coined  the ‘positivity effect’  this really has to be the most eco-friendly and affordable beauty treatment that we have ever come across. However, we would not go so far as claim this as a ‘chemical free’ cure as to  feel good, think positively and see the brighter side of life is somewhat dependent on the brains bio-chemistry and balance (which is influenced by internal and external triggers).

So, if your granny lived to a sprightly young 120 but you seem to be hitting the wall before your 40th birthday you might benefit from a bit more  PMS – Positive  Mental Stimulation and love in your life.

Happy Sunday everyone!

PS: If you get a chance I recommend watching ‘The Young Ones’ documentary by the BBC.  This series is a real-life experiment involving some of the UK’s retired performers and public figures that puts the ‘think young, feel young’ theory into practice with some surprisingly positive results. Great stuff.



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