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Why Simple is sometimes best

August 11, 2011

Being in the skin care game I often get asked about the type of products that I purchase and use. While I completely understand why I’m asked, I am actually one of the least adventurous people I know when it comes to my everyday skin care.  The reasons for this are many and varied:  too lazy to try new things,  to blasee about new fangled things that by the time they reach the market have been sitting in our labs for a good few months,  too not in love with shopping and too scared that my naturally  un co-operative skin will rebel against anything new I put onto it.

Anyway, when I do go shopping and buy things with my own money (as opposed to having things given to me to try) I buy Simple.

Now before we go any further I have to say that even though Simple used to be made about 10 miles from my home town in the UK AND the company Smith and Nephew (and then Accantia) were one of my very first customers I have no affiliation with them at all and just happen to like the feel of their lovely, simple moisturiser.

Simple Skin Care

So what is so good about Simple?

  • It is light weight and non-greasy yet it still manages to keep my skin feeling hydrated all day long. This is no mean feat as I have tried many moisturisers that are just too greasy to use under make-up and some which are too light and offer no lubrication.
  • It has no perfume and that includes essential oils.  I am not the kind of person who can manage smelly face products. They either drive me nuts because my face smells or they make me itch. Neither is very attractive!
  • It doesn’t really claim to do much. This also may sound silly but I  like to just do one thing at a time (yes, I m happy to admit to being a single-tasker).  I find this re-assuring as I only want the product to moisturise my skin and not do my washing up, stop my cheeks from drooping, my eyes from bagging or my kids from fighting.  Moisturisation will do me just fine.
  • I like the packaging.  OK call me shallow but I do like the fact that everything about this product says simplicity. The bottle is a good size, is easy to empty (you don’t lose bits in the bottom), nice to handle and sensible enough to feel grown up yet stylish.
  • I like the price.  This moisturiser comes in at under $15 for 125ml which is great value for those of us either living on a tight budget or who can’t be bothered to spend any more than necessary on their skin care.

But before I finish up on this love fest, there are some things I don’t like about Simple and I hope that one day these can be remedied.  Simple still uses petroleum-based ingredients which is why it can remain cost-effective but mean that it is not a ‘green’ choice.  Simple is also made in the UK and as I now live in Australia I would prefer to buy something made here – they could get it contract manufactured…….. Next comes the fact that even though this is Simple, it does contain lots of ingredients. I wonder if they are all needed…..Finally Simple comes in a container-in-a-box which makes it look nice but doesn’t do a lot for the environment.

So here are the ingredients:

Aqua (water)

Glycerine – This is one of the moisturising actives and is usually plant derived.

Paraffinium Liquidium – This is the petroleum derived emollient that helps make the emulsion.

Polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate –  A natural oil in water emulsifier to help make the water and oil blend.

Cetyl Palmitate – An emollient (something that changes the feel of the lotion) made from fractions of vegetable fats. This is chemically similar to spermacetti in terms of its performance but comes without the animal heritage.

Dimethicone – A silicone emollient to help with the light skin feel of the product.

Cetyl Alcohol – An ingredient that helps to build and stabilise the emulsion.

Panthenol and Borage Seed Oil – Moisturising actives loaded with vitamins (Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E).

Carbomer  – A synthetic structure agent to product stability and flow.

Sodium Hydroxide – Used to neutralise the carbomer.

Methyl Paraben – Part of the preservative mix to keep the product bug-free.

Pentylene Glycol – A skin conditioning active.

Tocopherol Acetate – Vitamin E

Acrylates C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer – Another structurising agent

Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate – pH adjuster, Chelate and preservative.

Mica – to give a bit of a sexy finish to the product – a slight shimmer.

2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol – Preservative

Serine – An Amino Acid that can help keep the skin in good condition.

Sorbitol and Urea – Humectants to help hydrate the skin.

Titanium Dioxide – Another ingredient to keep the product looking all white and shiny.

Pantolactone – A chemical intermediate usually used to make Panthenol.  Not sure why this is in here really.

Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid – These are to just adjust pH generally.

Allantoin – A healing, moisturising and soothing active which is effective at very low doses which is probably why it is at the bottom of the ingredients pile.

So when people ask me what skin care I buy I tell them it is Simple.  What about you?



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