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Harmonis Kiss Teen Organics Review

September 20, 2011

By:  Megan Hill aged 12.

I loved the colour of the packaging of the Body Scrub and the squeeze tube container. It was very attractive and great choice in colour for girls.

When I first opened the lid I noticed the colour, the smell and the consistency of the scrub. The colour of the scrub is green and brown. The smell is rather strong and has an odd smell to it which I didn’t really like but it didn’t bother me that much. The consistency is a little bit runny.

I found the scrub a bit too runny for my liking which was a bit disappointing. It was hard to put on as it fell through my fingers.  The gritty bits actually feel like its scratching my face, but I suppose that is what it is supposed to do. Like I said before the smell is rather strong and doesn’t really smell like really anything.

When I put the scrub on my legs it was o.k. but my face tingled a bit.  My faces and my legs felt as smooth as a babies bottom, well that is what my mother would say. I thought that was how they always felt. My face felt firm and very clean.

I thought that when you put chopped bamboo and tea tree in the body scrub that, that was a wired choice but when I looked up what they did. I found out that was a really good choice. The bamboo makes your skin feel soft and tea trees to get rid of any acne.

I think the body scrub is definitely in the top 10 products I have used. I loved the colour and the type of tube it was in.  I think it looks just great.  I’m not sure how often to use the scrub as there was not many instructions on the back of the package.  You need to use it in the shower as it does run through your fingers. My skin felt clean and refreshed and thankfully I didn’t have any rasher or irritations from the body scrub product.

Lip Balm

 I think that the first thing customers see is the packaging which I thought was fantastic and a great choice in the two different shades of pink. I thought this was great and wise to use theses colours for the age range. I do think you should of made the tube a little bigger due to the fact not much holds in  a tube that is 5mL  but that doesn’t really that matter to me.

The lip balm is a creamy colour that doesn’t really have much taste or smell to it which was disappointing. When I read the ingredients I saw vanilla and then I though “yum vanilla my favorite” and then when I put some on my lips I thought”where is the vanilla have you even put any in the bottle” which made me quiet sad.

When I squeezed some of the liquid out onto my fingers I found it very easy to apply. But then I licked my lips I thought where is the vanilla. All teenage girls need a good lip balm, well that’s what I strongly believe.

Like I have said for the 3rd time I really can’t taste the vanilla in the lip balm. What I really like is that it is environmentally friendly which is great I think. Also I do like the sound of the sunflower oil, honey and rosemary leaf extract.

I would have to say that Harmonis kiss should really work on their lip balm that is my opinion.  But over all I would have to say that it harmonis kiss have had a try and have some room for improving which is great. I would probably not buy the lip balm. But I would most definitely try it again after improvements maybe by adding and losing some ingredients.

Roll – On

The roll on had a clear consistency, but a strange smell that smelt a bit kind of salty which is very odd.  I find again with the packaging great attractive colours and not to big but not to small and also you could probable even fit it into a teenagers handbag to apply when you’re out and about. I would prefer the spray type bottle that’s what I think is best but it doesn’t matter. I would like to say something about the label and the label says roll-on but some people might think is it roll on sunscreen or is it roll-on blush and stuff like that so I think you should label it roll- on deodorant.

I do like the thickness of the roll-on which is really good. That colour I like a crystal white which is beautiful and it is not sticky which is good. Usually other brands are very sticky and wet when you put them on. But this roll on is different and I like different.

I found it very easy to apply under my arm which is good. Still I don’t really like the smell of the roll on which is disappointing, I like my deodorant to smell good because when I am out with friends I fell fresh and also smell great at the same time. This makes me feel proud of what I use and what I have.

When I put the roll on on before I went to school on Thursday and Friday I didn’t sweat as much as I do when I use my spray on Rezona Girl deodorant. This is very good because after we have sport we go straight to our next subject and the home time. My mother is always telling me to put on my deodorant so I smell good and also when other people are around that they don’t tell me that I smell instead they would say “ Wow you smell really nice today Maddie “ and I would say “thanks I’m wearing Harmonis Kiss’s NEW roll on deodorant “ . Harmanis kiss would have just got a new teenage girl as a new client and ready to try every product that harmonis kiss has to offer on. The teenage girl would be going home ready to put the product on the next day!

Just wondering why would we put zinc oxide into a under arm fragrance thought that zinc oxide is either used so you don’t get sunburn and for decoration on peoples skin. Also I think that Aloe Vera powder is another strange ingredient to put in for a roll on deodorant for young teenage girls.  I like the idea of the lime oil, orange oil and the witch hazel extract are rather great choices but I have a question, why put fruit smells in a roll on deodorant?

I would most definitely buy this roll on deodorant to use until there was none left. Would probable give the colour choice about a 10/10 for colour a 7/10for smell and an overall 9/10.even better I didn’t get any irritations or rashes from the roll on deodorant.

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  1. brooke barnes permalink
    July 20, 2012 7:48 pm

    aww how lovely you sound like a sweet girl

  2. November 28, 2014 4:17 am

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