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Skinn for Men.

June 15, 2012

I found this brand at the Beauty Expo last year and liked the sound of it so much that I bought one of the Skinn Pure Indulgence gift packs to give to my husband to try.  I didn’t have high expectations that he’d use it mind you and that’s not because he is not interested, it’s just that like most of us he tends to just stick to the same old same old.

Anyway, this brand was different and although it has taken 11 months to get through said ‘indulgence pack’ he loved it and is wanting more.

So, what is it about Skinn?

Skinn for men.

The formulations are very light weight and don’t really feel like you have anything on at all which is great for those men who are not accustomed to putting on the slap every day.  I often remember back to the day when I started to wear foundation religiously and remember it being a bit like other things that as a kid you wait impatiently for, counting down the days in excited anticipation only to find that it’s all actually a bit rubbish (well, for a start anyway).   My first experiences with foundation were like that, my skin felt dirty, congested and I felt silly and in general that isn’t something that anyone wants from their skin care and while as teenagers we will suffer the pain for the gain, as adults we mostly just can’t be bothered.

I doubt that my husband really cares that it has hyaluronic acid and beta glucan in the product but I can vouch for the fact that he loves the way that his skin has felt softer, been less prone to peeling and redness and has generally looked ‘better’.   Maybe those super actives are good after all!

Finally I think that the fact that this is a mens range helps. It looks good, smells good and fits conveniently into the wash bag which all helps when you are trying to re-train habits – no good having a product that can’t go places with you!

Oh and I also like it because it is Australian made – Go Aussie go 🙂

If you feel like giving it a go you can purchase online here if you like in Australia or NZ, alternatively you can find a list of stockists able to help you here.

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