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Ode To Phenoxyethanol

October 10, 2012

After a spate of questions about  the pro’s and con’s of Phenoxyethanol I decided that rather than write a normal response I’d turn my answer into a rap.   Here it is!

People been talking ‘bout me, saying bad things on google TV

They think that I’m not fair

That I damage skin and hair

That I give you cancer, that I’ll make you scared

Well stop. Listen up y’all cause this is my rap

I don’t want to make you sick just wanna make contact

With the microbes that cause you stress

But I guess you couldn’t care less

‘Cause my parents are from nasty sorts – benzene, petroleum and that bad co-hort

But don’t be judging where I’m coming from

‘Cause my dirty past doesn’t make my future wrong.

I’m clean and pure and I ain’t a lot of dollars

I’ll  blast the bugs that’ll make you holla

And while I work you won’t feel a thing

‘cause your dermatologist says that I’m OK on your skin (as long as you follow the instructions)

So forget your google scholars and your haters who keep on hating

And get with the clean crew whose hard work you’ll be celebrating.

And that’s the word.

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