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Fear – The Emotion of Choice for the Cosmetics Industry

November 9, 2012

A long conversation yesterday reminded me of why this blog exists and it is this, a thought for Friday:

The most powerful emotion used by the Cosmetics Industry is FEAR. Fear of growing older, fear of ingredients, fear for your health, fear of big business corruption, fear of not being enough.

But if you turn and face your fears, un-peel

them layer by layer by layer, get to know your triggers, understand where it first laid root you can begin on a journey towards freedom.

‘There is nothing to fear but fear its self’…..

That is what Realize Beauty is all about.

Don’t be fooled, this is not the same as saying ‘there are no problems’, ‘everything is good’,  ‘don’t question, don’t seek’, ‘trust us’.
This is the very opposite of that.   Yes there are problems, hurdles, challenges and yes we could make products safer, better, less environmentally impactful and more equitable.  Yes we could invest more in building rather than crushing self-esteem, yes we could admit more freely that you are enough, that you don’t need us but also that to want us (as an industry) is also fine.  It is what it is – fun, a game, self-expression, dressing-up.
Fear is paralyzing.  It is the very opposite of what we need right now and it is the exact same force that is keeping many of us from standing up and saying ‘But I don’t feel like that, I don’t understand what you are saying and I want more information and clarity’.  Fear is keeping us quiet, turning us into sheep and locking us further into isolation.
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