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Moose Head Anti Blackhead Face Scrub

December 30, 2012

As you will know if you read my previous post- are you a man or a moosehead – I like this range and I like it for the main reason that it makes me chuckle – product enjoyment is very important!

But is there more to the Moose than just a fun name and funky packet?  Let’s see.

Moose Head Anti Blackhead normal skin face scrub makes a couple of promised.  It will reduce breakouts, unclog pores and control oil.  I wanted to understand how and in order to do that I had to have a little read of the ingredients label.

moose head antiblackhead face scrub


Rather than go through each ingredient in order I thought I’d look at this product through the eyes of the claims made to see if the paper claims would be likely to stack up in real life.


As this is the largest claim I thought we would start here. This data would also hold up for the ‘unclogs pores’ claim.

Well blackheads are congested pores containing oxidised sebum and so in order to be ‘anti’ blackhead this product has to be able to attack and remove them – something that it could do through its scrubbing action.  The physical exfoliant or scrubbing agent present here is Walnut Shell Powder and as it is fairly high up the ingredients list I would expect the product to be quite gritty which it is:

grit in moose head


The pack copy also suggests that Charcoal absorbs and draws out excess dirt and oil which would also help with the black head issue but is there any evidence of this?   Having spent the last 20 minutes with my head into ‘google scholar’ and ‘google patent’ nothing directly jumps out at me so I’ll have to leave this one until another day but will say that it sounds like a neat plan.

Reduces Breakouts – 

This is quite a big call too as I would assume that the product might have some anti-bacterial or other property to help me win the war against my unruly skin…..  Oddly enough acne, pimples, blackheads and the like don’t have one single cause and as such have been very difficult to manage cosmetically.  There are lots of ingredients that will work on one part of the spot cycle but even brands employing multiple strategies often fail to live up to chronically bad skin sufferers expectations.  That said, this is a product for ‘normal’ teenage/ young adult skin and as such it quite possibly could reduce breakouts due to its scrub action (deep cleansing and unblocking of pores),  otherwise mild (low irritant) cleansing action from the stearic acid, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate and oleth-30 surfactant blend (a soap is formed upon emulsification of this product) and creamy emulsion consistency (this product contains lots of natural oils – sunflower, macadamia and castor seed).

On the antimicrobial side  (which is also part of the reduce breakout arsenal) there is Rosemary and Anise oil both of which have got some antimicrobial properties although again it is a lot harder to find relevant scientific studies than it is to find ‘google’ type anecdotal evidence.  Still, that isn’t un-common for cosmetic actives.

Finally when it comes to oil control I have found that this product contains a seaweed extract that claims ‘oil regulating’ properties – Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract – which is quite interesting although I’m still not sure how it does it.

Overall this again looks to be quite a useful product for ‘normal’ young adult skin as it contains some useful ‘active’ ingredients in a suitable and somewhat fun delivery system. Just be aware that it isn’t 100% natural (if that matters to you) and it doesn’t foam very much (this isn’t important for the cleansing but may disappoint if a foaming scrub is what you are after).  Also the grey look is quite a nice touch!


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  1. gedlondon permalink
    December 31, 2012 3:59 am

    Great review! 🙂

  2. March 31, 2014 8:17 pm

    Thanks for great review.

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