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Natural, Silicone free underwater wax from Karpati.

February 27, 2013

I’m always interested to try new, all-natural hair products as it is a very difficult area to formulate in due to most actives being synthetic – silicone or petroleum derived. While I don’t mind the synthetic ingredients per se, if natural alternatives exist that both work and are truly environmentally ‘sound’ then it makes sense to try them.

So, what is this fascinating product I have here:

Karpati natural hair careFirst of all I thought it was a hair styling wax (didn’t read the pack….) and as such slathered it into my hair and prepared to get styling.  It didn’t work 😦

So I left it on my desk for a couple of days trying to work out if I should blog about it or not……

However, today in an attack of common sense I read the pack and found out that this is actually a protective wax perfect for applying before the beach or for frequent swimmers.  This stuff sounds perfect for my kids!

Ingredient wise these claims do make sense.

Beeswax, stearyl alcohol, jojoba oil, caranuba wax, candelila wax, almond oil and  castor oil would make a really occlusive film.


The behentrimonium methosulfate is a great conditioner derived from canola oil and highly substantive (sticky) to the hair meaning that the film should stick to the hair for a fair while)


It smells like play dough (light vanilla aroma) which I love but I’d make sure you keep it away from very little people as if I was 3 I’d totally make models with and then eat this!

The products 98% natural claim leaves room for a new generation but not 100% natural preservative system plus (possibly) the vanilla (not sure what form that was in, could be perfume or extract, it doesn’t say). Nothing that I’d be bothered about and I feel that the product still deserves to be called ‘natural’.


I have to admit that I haven’t used it ‘as intended’ yet as I just have to pin my kids down long enough to try it but I can’t see there being any problems and if the chemistry is anything to go by I’d say yes.  I’m especially looking forward to trying it on my 9-year-old who owns a very curly, long mane which I think will benefit massively from this leave-in treatment.

Let me know if you have tried it and when I’ll do I’ll post back.



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